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      Thanks to Fred for his excellent work in getting our article, above subject, published this month.
      Too late to make the printed Rootes Review, we deduced more information about our “Tiger.”
      Preparing for the Hershey show, I wanted to be able to document for the judges why our Tiger has Alpine script. Thanks to Norman of “Rootes One,” for the details.
      ALL Tigers delivered to the European continent had Alpine Scripts and Norman sent me scans of brochures. I also THOUGHT I had a US spec car, but close inspection of the delivery paperwork (some 40 years later) shows checks under DM and GB, but not US for the specifications. As I recall, my orders out of Germany came so quickly, that they provided “A” car in Dusseldorf so that I could meet my deployment times. Shipping information shows the car at the port with 700 miles on the speedometer (which later broke).
      Re: Hershey. We’ve changed our entry to “Sunbeam 260” and have a 1968 picture of Diane next to the car….you can just see the “A” of Alpine next to her skirt. Maybe we’ll have this in the next article (the folks in the picture of the car aren’t us….my friends from college….) Also working with Hershey on correct tires…they say bias must be used, ours came with bias, black walls, which are no longer available in the correct size, but whitewalls (which were available, are.) We currently have reproduction tread high peformance Michelins…which we’ve used since the Dunlop Super Roadspeeds wore out (not from heavy use) at about 17,000 miles.

      More later.

      Jim and Diane

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