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      My 66 Tiger has the directionals mounted on the right side of the steering colum. All the other Tigers I have seen have the directions on the left side.

      Any thoughts?

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      No problem-you can fit the TS switch to either side as all the parts are designed to be reversible. More great Rootes engineeering!

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      Originally the directional on LHD cars was fitted on the right. This was a holdover from the Alpine design where the overdrive switch would be fitted to the left side so that it could be operated with the hand not occupied with shifting. As Eric said, you can swap sides easily enough by removing the cowl, moving the blanking plug to the other side androtating the switch.

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      Be sure and check and see if there is not a small locating "pin" in the botton of the column two that I have done only fit on the right hand side however this can be over come also

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