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      I spent most of last year on a restoration project that was non-Rootes related. The engine of the project is a Briggs&Stratton 5 horsepower from the 1950’s. When it all went back together, I was very annoyed when it was nearly impossible to start. I even pulled the engine back out and checked all the timing marks. It was back-breaking to start when it was agreeable enough to even fire.

      Why am I telling you all this? Well when I finally put PURE uncontaminated gasoline in it… and when it started on the first pull I was astonished.

      I had always questioned the real harm of ethanol. Was it really as bad as everyone says. Now I am a firm believer that the stuff is nothing more than a contaminant. Yes it is very bad and I’m sorry I had to prove it to myself so painfully.

      Feed your Sunbeam pure Vitamin G.

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      ^^^ a good "rant" for this section of the forum 🙄

      I’ve been thru a bunch of trouble with the small engines – snowblower, mower, leaf blower, string trimmers – I feel your pain.
      I do wish that I could get "real gasoline" for our classic cars… but not available near our house.


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