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      My Tiger with a 289 needed a new water pump, so I got the one from Sunbeam Specialties. No surprises there. Pulley lined up perfectly with the balancer pulley.
      My generator was still ok, but I estimated its life would not be too much longer. So for a while I thought about swapping it for an alternator. It never really lined up perfectly. But during 20 years, never gave a problem either. Possibly shortened the water pumps life? .
      Since there was recently a discussion about alternators, I decide to take the plunge and make it easy on myself and I bought the Powermaster unit. My alternator pulley is off by ¾” with the water pump pulley! The way its pulley is mounted it has a heavy rim on the outside, which throws the v-groove off by maybe 1/8”. So if I turn it around, I will still be off by ¾-1/8= 5/8”. All powermaster other mounting dimensions are identical, 6” between the ears, to straddle the original mounting arm. Now I suspect the original mounting bracket. 1). I could put spacer between it and the engine block, the bring the alternator forwards. However the dipstick doesn’t give me much room. 2). I could bring the alternator forwards by putting the rear ear on the front side of the bracket and add a spacer at the front ear. But the alternator ear would not clear the rib of the cast Tiger mounting bracket. Not an elegant solution. But then, how could the original cast Tiger braket be off by that much? If it was fabricated it possibly could bend, but not a casting. Anybody have any ideas?
      Just one more thing besides my electrical problem. The white wire from ignition switch to tach to coil resistor fried. Why??
      Thanks, Robert Jaarsma

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      Mark Rense

        Robert, I don’t get on this forum very often so ths may be a little late for you. I installed the PowerGen on one of my Tigers without too much issue. You have to use the Tiger pulley off the generator to get the pulleys to line up correctly. Remove the PowerGen pulley and any spacers, the Tiger pulley will fit fine but the keys don’t line up so you need to make sure the nut is torqued down tight.
        See this thread on CAT.

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        Jeff Nichols

          The pulley line up problem is caused by the non-standard pulley on the original generator. Ford swapped the generator pulley from another application to make it line up with the non-standard water pump pulley flange. This allowed the fan to be mounted closer to the engine in a Tiger application.

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