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      I posted some pictures of the United and several people asked me about the current state of my car. I am way behind on updating my website, but I did add a page of pictures with it’s current condition.

      I did get to the point on my wiring where all systems other than the ignition are fully operational (I now have horns and wipers and blower and lights and turn signals and brake lights!!!!!). I disconnected the Mallory ignition box after reading it could be burned out if the igntion was left on for too long without the motor running…so I will be reconnecting shortly and hope to start the car up in the next couple of weeks.


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      Very nice and clean, well done.

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      Now that ‘s a fun car. Those silver stripes wake up the white and give the car more charcter. To bad you didn’t make the United. Would have been a hit. Would have been a blast at the Auto-x.

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