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      I have located a 1965 Tiger that I am considering buying. I can take the time to describe it in more detail, but essentially it is an authentic, unrestored, nearly all original, matching number, very, very clean 30,000 mile car. Does anybody have any thoughts on what such a car is worth?

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      Lots!! As many claim to be original, very few actually are. 🙄 It is very hard to find an unmolested Tiger. A Beautifully restored Original sold last year in the $50,000.00 (+) range. And show cars are definitely climbing in Value.
      If you could find one needing minor TLC as you described, lacking some elbow grease and patience, try to get it under $20K 😆 . But it might sell for as much as 30K+ to a motivated buyer on the hunt for a clean car(We all are 8) ).

      My $0.02Am./ $0.03 Canadian


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