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      Why do I ignore what my 47 years of experience with Alpines[Series 1 and5] and a 67 Tiger have taught me?Check out thoroughly the basic items first and first!I had put in a new Holley 600 carb and new ignition wires a few weeks ago.Once started the car, being warmed up, easily restarted but performane was poor.Felt fuel starved or was it an ignition problem? I checked out the usual suspects,fuel line,wiring but no success.Drove the Alpine my first love..and just let the Tiger rest.This past Saturday again went back to basics and discovered after a few minutes that the coil wire to the distributor was not properly seated…new wires being stiff did not have metal inserted into metal for a good connection…just enough of a connection to run.Appearances fooled me.Older but apparently not wiser…back to basics. frank mooney

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      TIGER now running well but I did replace the NAPA supplied fuel pump which I believe is a Carter.I always carry a spare and have in-line fuel filters both before and after the electric fuel pump all of which are readily accessible and visible in the boot/trunk.Both the Alpine and Tiger fuel tanks readily shed their painted[why Rootes engineers ?]lining via black flakes which are not friends of fuel lines or carb jets.After 40 years one would think this would end but no such luck. frank mooney

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      The Tiger is now purring. Have it running on Uniroyal Tiger Paw radials 13 inch.I note some go for larger diameter tires but I figure they would be heavier and a bit unwieldy when I remove and reinstall.As is I could use a third bionic arm. I also picked up a set of heavy duty[6000 pound] composite ramps from AutoZone.Makes work easier than with my old set…but hate to toss stuff that still works even if newer better tools available.Not too smart…also we want to keep the Ecomomy on a roll.Years ago my monthly Sear’s automotive /tool bill was similar to a mortgage payment. Frank Mooney

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