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      Please help.
      I wanted to replace the spark plug wires on our Tiger – a simple project, right(?)
      I ordered a set of MSD [black] wires from JEGs. However, when I went to install them, I find 2 problems:
      1.) The straight "boots" at the plug end are quite long, and interfere with the firewall "grommet" and the steering column on the drivers side.
      2.) The wires are much longer than what was previously in place, and there is not enough space under the hood for the "loops" of extra wires without a lot of criss-crossing.

      Is there a pre-made set that will work? (& who has them?) or should I just get a set and cut-to-length?
      Should I have "right-angle" ends at the spark plugs? It seems as though that might fit a lot better(?).
      I was hoping to stay towards a stock-appearing arrangement.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Mark Petri
      ’66 Mk 1A

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      I bought a set of "factory stock" type wires from National Parts Depot.
      These would be great for a totally stock car, will work for me just fine.

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      Hi Mark,

      If you have the original wire set, you could take them to an auto parts seller and match them up to suit the old ones. It will be hard to find kits to suit the Tiger (a bit hit and miss).

      Regards, Robin.

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