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      I’m signed up again this year to do the "6 mile" Walk MS Event on April 30th… this is the annual event when I feel like I can make a difference.
      Many on here know that Nancy (my wife) has been hit hard by MS – diagnosed in 1995, wheelchair bound since 2006, and still declining 🙁
      As there is no prevention or cure, it’s hard to know what to do. That is why I started doing the annual Walk and Fund Raising… hoping that the National MS Society will be able to fund research that leads to the end of this disease.

      Our Sunbeam family has been generous in the past, and I hope that support will continue – it is much appreciated.
      You can donate on-line at my "personal page" at this link: … fId=594161

      Or contact me via phone, email or P.M. with any questions.
      Mark Petri

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      We’re coming down the home stretch, just a few more days until the Walk on Sunday.
      Support has been outstanding so far – our Sunbeam friends are truly great… but there is always room for more. If everyone who donated in recent past years was to step up again, we could make this a "record year" for donations.
      Thank You!

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      We had pretty much perfect weather for the walk on Sunday – temperature in the mid-60s with a mild breeze, and not enough sun to cause any burn. I did the prescribed 3 laps (“6 miles”) all in good order. I’m sure that this was the best conditions that I’ve seen in my 8 walks over the years. The crowd this year was FAR larger than last year’s rainy ugly day.
      A HUGE Thank You!! to all supporters. To-date donations have blown past previous years, we (me and you) will likely land well into this Region’s “Tremendous 250” of top $$ fund raisers 😀

      We appreciate the support from our fellow Sunbeamers!

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