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      A big thanks to Eric, who helped me out with posting pictures! I’m attaching a couple of pictures of my new project. A couple of curious things about this car, the Rootes Group engine tag is on the driver’s side valve cover, and something I’d never seen on a car before, a spare set of keys riveted underneath the Data plate! Saturday, I managed to get all 4 wheels rolling and in position for the rollback so it looks like I’ll be picking it up this coming week. A couple of quick questions for the experts,

      1. My car has the short shifter, does anyone know when Rootes went to the longer shifter?

      2. My car does not have the metal convertible top cover, are they available anywhere?

      3. My car (just noticed on Saturday) does not have any side trim.. I’m betting this will be a tough find?


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      Sunbeam Specialties has the Tiger side trim and clips. The more difficult parts would be the rear fender emblems, which are rare and expensive. In addition if the original holes were filled, careful location is important to align original. Thanks.

      Gary Tosel

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      They changed from short to long shifters in the Feb/Mar timeframe as best I can tell. If you look at the collections of Sunbeam magazine articles by mid to late April cars were appearing with long shifters and if you figure that it takes a couple months from the actual photos and raod tests to publication, then this makes sense.

      The convertible top covers are the same as a series IV Alpine so you can probably find a set if you check for guys advertizing as breaking Alpines.

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      Thanks for posting those photos-please put up some more when you get the car to your house.
      I love that Sunbeam club sticker! I have LOTS of parts and parts cars with good sheetmetal should you need anything and I am located in South Carolina. Keep us posted on how the work is going.
      Eric PS-Mike P-does your Tiger have a short shifter too?

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      Those are some interesting curiosities. Good luck with the pickup. You’ve got a fine project ahead of you. Looking forward to keeping up with your progress…

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      According to "The Book of Norman", page 165, Ford HEH E toploader gearboxes were installed after car #B9470056. These cars also used a revised short shifter, reverse lock-out T-handle and shift knob.

      The version of the short shifter continued until somewhere around B9472300. The long shifter came into being at this point.

      Fred Baum

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