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      Owen and Stacy Mead

        How are the mounting brackets supposed to be mounted? Are they riveted to the floor? Is the top rear of the panel mounted to anything or does the panel just rest against something? I cant find this part on the parts list or illustrations. What is this panel called?

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        I think you have the correct name for it. Sometimes called the footboard too. The two L shaped brackets are welded to the floorboards and the footboard is screwed into them. The top does not fasten to anything-it rests against the firewall. So if the mounting brackets have rusted away over the years, the footboard usually got thrown out. That is why they are hard to find now!

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        It’s a false floor.

        It attaches by screws at the bottom to 2 angle brackets (bent about 100 degrees) which are pop riveted laces each) to the pass. floor.

        The top is not fastened but has 2 standoffs that rest on the firewall.

        I made a sketch of mine if someone is interested.

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