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      I need some guidance as to where to obtain paint for code #53 Wedgewood Blue. This is for a July 1964 built Tiger.

      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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      Thanks so much but I have that but cannot find a paint supplies who knows the mix codes, Much appreciate your follow thru.

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      There are two other avenues.

      One trick is to take the panel from the hood latch (which is inside the car and not exposed to UV light) and have someone match it. This worked for me.

      A known paint expert is Jan Servaites jservaites at
      Jan has collected many original paint samples and may be able to help you out.

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      Thanks, I’ll send him a message.

      Tried but wrong email. Must be me doing it wrong

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      If you want to buy one of my paint chips, I still have some.

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