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      Hi everyone – Just got the 1a back from the mechanic and discovered what looks like droplets (lots) on the cowl and top of fenders. Shop of course has no idea how they got there. The "spray" is extensive and looks like clear hardened sap or more likely adhesive? . Don’t know what it is but it won’t come off with cleaners , polish or even a lightly applied brake cleaner. Any ideas to removing this stuff without damaging the paint would be GREATLY appreciated – thanks george

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      George-have you tried some 3M adhesive remover? Or tried using a clay bar kit? I had some heavy overspray on my car and the clay bar took it off when nothing else would. Eric

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      Eric – thanks for the reply . A further exam indicates that is probably brake fluid or remover. Looks like he may have to repaint the area . Good thing it is not a show car. – george

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      When I had actual tree sap on my car the only thing that would take it off without harming the paint was common rubbing acohol. Try it first in a spot that won’t show if it does something to the paint.

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      Tree sap is a hard one to get off, I used WD40 or PB Blaster on a friends car this past weekend it had Pine rosin that had been there for a year or so, we used PB this time put it on and worked it with your finger it came off and no harm to the paint! Good luck 8)

Viewing 4 reply threads
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