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      Can anyone tell me what the color of the center section of the rear end is. maybe in a Ditzler or PPG number?

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      My memory of the stock rear color is a semi gloss to low gloss black. Of course owners today typically use a gloss black. Don’t know my paint # for the gloss but could get it if really needed. I’m to lazy to run to shop at the moment. Paint shops always have gloss black in stock.

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      Tom…. the center section is a reddish color the rest is black. To get it just right think you need to cover the whole thing in oil and dirt after you paint it. least ways that is how the one I have came.

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      Thanks guys. The Book of Norman calls for a color about the same as iron oxide primer. The one I’ve got is a little more orange than that. But considering that it will get covered with oil and dirt and I probably won’t clean it off every time it goes out, and I’ve done some other minor unstock things, an all black rear end is probably okay.

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      If it’s red oxide color, I would use the PPG’s DP epoxy primer in red (DP74LF), & DP402LF activator. For that matter, get another qt of DP90LF (black) and paint all the front suspension parts.
      All the sheet metal was painted a “low” gloss black. I say low gloss because the new urethanes have that “wet” look to them and that’s TOO glossy.

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      I’m using the chassis and roll bar black for the smaller parts..It comes in a spray can and is pretty good and quite cheap.If you figure time to prepare and clean a spraygun it becomes even cheaper.I like to heat up the parts for the first coat.Smelly but better adhesion.
      8) and its sunny

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      I used glyptal, a red paint used originally on the axle. Very durable and the correct color.

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