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      Mounting the overdrive to the transmission is described in the manual as easy. Just line-up the internal splines in the overdrive, and voila it slides on.
      Well that happended once. However we forgot the sealant and I janked the ovedrive off again. My neighbour and I spent yesterday hours to line those splines up. I am even so lucky to have an extra transmission shaft to do it with. I managed it once, and by the time we wanted to drop it in place, the splines were off. At least my neighbour believed me that the shaft did fit! Finally a second time after much turning and wiggeling, it went "almost" together, but that is not good enough. My neighbour Don managed to line the splines up again and it is now all together. But there was no rhyme nor reason to our wiggling and turning. Does anybody know what the proper "TRICK" is to this lining-up of the splines?
      There must be a better way, and I have two more to put together someday.
      Thanks for any advise.

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      It may be easier if you had a couple of extra long bolts or line up shafts for the mount holes to get started. Then slowly slide the parts closer as you turn the shaft splines to match.?

      My view from afar.
      My 2 p
      Chuck in Oregon

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      There’s a small trick; if you have another O/D apart and can examine the guts. You need to line up the etched marks on the planet wheel (three small gears) with those on the planet carrier, before fitting the sun wheel to the carrier. Here goes:
      Turn the planet gearwheels to align a punch mark (small round mark on the edge of one tooth) with one of three corresponding etched lines on the sunwheel side of the planet carrier. Then insert the sunwheel in the carrier, taking care to keep the gears in the proper position. Then fit the sunwheel/planet carrier assembly into the annulus; the sunwheel can then be withdrawn, if required. Then note the alignment of the eight splines in the center of the planet carrier (the unidirectional clutch, actually) If the carrier must be removed, then the gear wheels will need to be reset. Keeping all this aligned properly, in a vertical position, will permit the mainshaft to be inserted easily, without having to deal with that "last 1/4 inch battle".

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      Robert, it’s a little late, your OD is installed and done. The pain and agnoy are memories. But it didn’t have to be that way. To inserrt mainshaft into OD is quite simple.

      1. Make OD vertical, tail shaft down
      2. Insert a long straight blade screw driver into the splines of the sun wheel and sprag clutch. Use the screw driver to rotate the one set of splines so they line up. The sprag clutch allows the splines to rotate only one way, naturally.
      3. Rotate OD pump cam so the low point will make contact with OD pump roller.
      4. Drop trans into place. It it doesn’t fall in place, lift trans out slightly,turn shaft slightly, drop back in. It may take several attempts. I remove trans after couple tries and reassess spline alignment.

      Bingo. About 5 min.

      Your next Veneiza will be easier.

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