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      The LAT 79 optional fiberglass hood is very light, which is both a plus and a minus.

      Obviously, reducing front-end weight on a Tiger is a plus but, if the hood latch comes loose, the wind will raise the light weight hood high enough to block the driver’s vision.

      <Don’t ask how I know that 🙁 >

      The dealer’s brochure mentions "two specially designed hold-down custom made clamps to avoid fluttering at high speeds" but the clamps would also help secure the hood in case of a problem with the hood latch.

      Brochure: … ochure.pdf

      I’ve installed a LAT 79 hood and am considering adding a pair of hood pins for reasons of safety, but would prefer the "correct" ones if anyone knows what they are.

      A picture would be fantastic. The brochure has a picture but it isn’t clear enough to identify the correct clamps or pins or whatever they are.

      Thanks in advance for any info to identify the LAT 79 hood clamps or pins.

      Allan Ballard
      Mk1a Tiger

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      Maybe not original but have served me well.

      No pins to lose, no cables to flop, locks to keep others out.

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        No kidding, the safety latch works fine but it is a constant aggravation. Hit a pothole and the hood becomes unlatched. Several cars I have seen with repop LAT hoods have no grille or areas for the block of plate mounting. Who has a accurate photo of the manner and method of attachment of the mesh and or block plates?

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