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      I’m conducting an Original Tiger Engine Study from a Ford casting number and date code point of veiw. My hope is to discover some more details about the Tiger engine configuration.

      It would be great to have information about all the Tiger engine groups but I don’t think there are any of the T15KL or E7KL engine group still around. I have no information about the T12KA engine group or the early build of the B19KC engine group which are painted Black.

      I would like to see more information about all the engine groups.

      I have a Study Sheet I can email and I will descipher the numbers and codes for you. Most of the casting numbers I’m looking for are easy to see and I note the ones that are not and do not expect them unless the engine is out or being rebuilt.

      Ron Fraser

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      Ron, e-mail me your sheet as we will be removing my original engine soon. B382000592

      Bill in Toledo

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      Bob Williams

        You can send me you study sheet. My engine is painted black. B9472621

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        I will enter the study if it is still going on, although I am not sure if my engine has the original paint. I was actually looking here to see what color to paint my engine when I came across this post. my car is B382002229 LRXFE Jal 662244 engine number 7445 B19KC color code 86. This info is from my tac 936. not sure if the motor is original, maybe you can say when I give you the numbers.

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        Note that the Rootes assigned engine information isn’t stamped or cast anywhere on the block/heads. So you need to check the assembly date on a small flat by the distributor. It should be sometime before the car build date. For example my car was late December 64 build and the engines build date was mid October, so about 2 months before. All the Rootes tags show is if original valve covers were swapped if the engine was replaced.

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        artic cat
        The Original Tiger Engine Study is still going, slowly but going. There are several indicators as to which color a Tiger engine should be painted; that is covered in the Study work sheet as is the information needed to determine if it is still the original engine. My guess is that 7445 B19KC engine should be painted Ford Blue.

        Contact me by email and I will send you a study work sheet – I’ll also decode any Ford numbers anyone may have questions about.

        Ron Fraser

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        I have LAT finned aluminum valve covers and have mounted the plate on a magnetic sheet. I then placed it on the firewall on the passenger side.


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