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      Hi – Hope nobody minds a dumb few questions…

      I’ve got an opportunity to refurbish an original hardtop for a Series V.

      Was the original hardtop window glass? Not any type of plexi?

      And the side 3/4 were functional and opened?

      And the headliner – what was original color, if there was one?

      If anyone has any pictures they could share, it would be greatly appreciated!


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      The original rear and quarter windows were plexi. The rear is a compound curve. I know there has been over the years some made in glass, don’t recall however who had them, try Sunbeam Specialties if you want glass. The quarter windows do open, hinged at the B post pillar. The headliner I’ve always seen as white, although Sunbeam Specialties has sold a black one as well.

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      Really helpful – thank you Mike!!

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      Matt… you may find this “how to” video very helpful:

      Fitting headliner in Tiger hardtop


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      Thank you very much Bill – that will be helpful!!

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      One other thing to note, the hardtop tapers a bit from back to front so the headliner bows are all a slightly different length with the longest in the back and the shortest in the front.

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      Brilliant, thanks Mike!!

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      Good work, excellent video

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