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      I have began the restoration of my 66 Tiger #2470 built sept 1966 and would like to restore it as close as I can to how it was originally.
      I have started with the engine, It has a C4OE-6015-E block cast date of 5C20 with an assembly date of 5K14B. I believe this to be the original.
      I have determined it was Ford Corporate blue in color.
      It appears to have all the original components and I would like to replicate the original finishes and this is where I need some direction and have questions
      as to what they would be.
      exhaust manifolds, were they painted black ? or left natural ?
      motor mount heat shields ? painted black or natural ?
      the brake servo Vacuum fitting at the rear of the intake is it a cad finish ?
      what about the fitting that screws into it, that has the 2 copper washers that attach the vacuum hose to the servo ?
      Is the water pump painted blue or left natural ?
      Is the coil bracket phosphate and oil finish or painted black ?
      The valve cover decal ? my valve covers need to be either rechromed or get new ones, where can I get a new engine decal and where can I get it stamped as the original ?
      hose clamps ? are the rad hose clamps Ford tower type or are they worm gear type ?
      heater hose clamps ? are they worm gear type or are they something else ?
      carb spacer, painted blue with the engine ?
      Is the generator belt a Fomoco belt supplied by Ford or is it British made ?
      Arild Thu

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      James Lindner


        If possible, I suggest you try to find a Tiger owner in your area that might have a Book of Norman (BON). The BON is the definitive guide for Tiger information. In the meantime, I will try to answer most of your questions.

        Exhaust manifolds: BLACK (but that color usually burns off after a short period to reveal a more natural finish.)
        Water Pump: Same as block.
        Coil Bracket: BLACK
        Coil: BLACK with Yellow top.
        Valve Cover decal: Sunbeam Specialties carries reproduction blank decals. Nor sure about stamping
        Hose clamps: Three types of clamps are used. Rad hoses use double wire screw clamps. The bypass hose uses ford tower clamps and the hoses at heater control valve use ford screw type band clamps.
        Carb base plate: Ford Blue
        Fan belt: Replacement belt is available from Sunbeam Specialties. I think it is made by Gates.

        Hope this helps.

        I see you are not a TEAE member. Why not join up and attend one of our regional events or our Annual United (this year on Long Island, NY 13-16 Sep). I am sure you could get plenty of firsthand advice.


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        Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I live on the west coast so a trip to New York is not feasible.

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        James Lindner


          Plenty of Tiger experts out your way. Hook up with the CAT guys. I am sure they can provide excellent guidance regarding your Tiger.

          All the Best


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