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      I am looking for anyone who might own a orchid green Alpine. I have 67 Alpine Orchid Green and was wondering how many may be out there? 🙂

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      That is a very rare color! I can remember seeing one about ten years ago at a show in Ohio-maybe someone there knows the owner?
      Your car must be a late 1967 model.

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      yes mine is a 1967 and was one of the later ones produced. I have owned it for over 30 years but haven’t seem any others. just wondering if there are any out there or how many were produced.

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      My Series 5, number 14649, was originally Orchid Green. It was repainted Midnight Blue over 20 years ago. If I ever repaint it I may return it to the original color due to the rarity.

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      Nice Paul. I restored mine a few years back and we went back to the Orchid Green, Didn’t like it at first but I’m glad we did. It really looks nice. I have since found a couple out there. many have been painted a different color. I get a lot of complements.

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