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      I took the car to the tag office this morning and then drove it to work. This is the first time it has been driven on public roads since ’89 except for a couple of trips around the block to make sure it would go, turn and stop. Talk about hot. With no carpet and a few unplugged holes in the firewall and 90+ degree weather, it was a virtual sauna. 23 miles and nothing fell off. The good news is that the water never went over 200, even in heavy traffic. It has been a very long time since I have expreiended “What kind of car is that” at almost every stop light. The license plate will be the same as Keith had on the car for so many years. PDQ 67.

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      Way to go Bud!! Too hot for me today to drive any Sunbeam-95 degrees in September?! I have some info about a chrome shop someone recommended to me at the United. When I find it, I will send it your way.
      Keep driving that Tiger-come up to Charleston for the British car show at the end of October! More info in the Events section. Eric

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