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      What grade and type of oil should I use in an Alpine V transmission? I have been using non-detergent 30 weight, but some manuals I have say 20W50. THANKS

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      30W is good, I have gone to a synthetic oil in this weight it works great but the seals on the trans. need to be good to hold it in. 8)

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      You’ll see multiple recommendations for the gearbox oil. It is almost a religion for some folks.

      The series V owner’s handbook page 24 indicates to use Shell Super Motor Oil across all temperatures. Based on some Internet research, Shell Super Motor Oil was a 10W/40 detergent oil.

      Many people have used straight 30 non-detergent for years and recommend that. I have a specification plate for an earlier Alpine (believe it was a series 2) that indicates to use Shell "X-100 30" for greater than -10 degrees. I suspect the earlier Alpine spec for straight 30 carried over for some people, even though the series V manual indicates to use Shell Super Motor Oil.

      Others have used 20W/50 (detergent) for years and recommend that.

      I bought a series V overdrive unit from the UK overdrive gearbox experts in 2013 and their recommendation to me was to use 20W/50. They indicated using straight 30 is also acceptable. I’ve been using a conventional 20W/50 oil in my OD gearbox.

      Some people like synthetic oils for the gearbox, but report the synthetics do weep out the seals.


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      Bob and Jean Webb

        the oils listed in the manuals has been obsolete for decades. they carried an SC API spec. those oils have no comparison to any oils blended today other than the viscosity. 20W50 is a multigrade oil that can have the properties of either an SAE 20 or an SAE 50 under certain temps. it can be used. you can use an API GL1 lube since these transmissions don’t operate under what could be called severe duty. there is no need for friction modifiers or extreme pressure additives in the alpine trans. detergents in engine oils chemically neutralize acidic contaminants but since there is no combustion in the trans there is really no reason to use a detergent oil other than it’s easy to find .with that said, I use an SAE 30 engine oil in both my non OD trans and my OD trans.

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