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      New to tigers here…putting together a 66…I’d like to know what type of filter set up to use? I’ve heard a short filter spins on and eliminates the remote set ups…what do u use?

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      Try a NAPA Gold 1335

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      Remember that eliminating the remote filter setup also eliminates the connection to the oil cooler. Something to think about.

      OOPS! I forgot that Mk-I’s did not originally have oil coolers.

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        Take a look at the right angle adapter available from Ford Motorsports, that’s based on the old Econoline part. With it, you can run the standard FL1 (Fram PH8A) sized filter (with a slight mod to a motor mount), or the FL400 (Fram PH3600) mini filter with no mods. See Tigers United tech tips for more info.

        This only can be used with stock headers or headers with all tubes passing behind the motor mounts.


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        I use a Baldwin B253 racing filter (same dimentions as Motorcraft FL1A).
        The Baldwin filters are super high quality industrial filters. Baldwin really caters to off road equipment, but they also make many high quality auto/truck filters. My Tiger has headers from Sunbeam Specialties (Jet Hot coated), a screw on filter block from L&L machine, and the block adaptor from Dales Restorations. Dale claims that his block adaptor fits ANY header…and he is wrong. I had to put a pretty good sized dent into the #5 cylinder down tube to clear his adaptor. I used -10AN fittings between the adaptor and filter block and I made a custom mount for the filter block to sit where the stock filter was. So I basically duplicated the stock system with SS braided lines, AN fittings, and an easilly removed/installed screw on filter capability. Now when I change oil I drain the pan, screw off the old filter, screw on the new filter, and refil the oil pan.

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        The NAPA 1335 filter is the ideal no nonsense filter. It works great for even moderately modified engines. Makes a nice neat installation without all the fancy expensive hoses that add no real value.

        It is made by WIX. Even though other filter brands like Fram cross reference to the 1335 # They are not made by WIX and are to tall to fit most Tigers.

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        Like TT said Napa Gold 1335 is a great filter, screw all them adaptors and lines no matter what I did it leaked somewhere.
        I shift my motor at 8000 RPM’s and have’t seen an oil problem yet.

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        The WIX part number is 51335 for which I believe is the Napa clone 1335. The five being the addition to the code


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        I use a motorcraft FL1A with a remote system.The block adapter is a cheap Mr. Gasket that has been modified. It has inlets and outlets on both sides. One side I put in plugs with epoxy and ground it down real slim for clearence, the other is AN fittings. It uses a single o ring and no bolt, the trick is where you start so to get the lines pointing forward when it’s real tight. Three years no leaks. From there the lines run to the remote filter hung in front of the tire then to a B&M cooler in the valence area. I have a oil temp gauge on the dash now,and never see over 235deg. Before after some hard runs(a few miles at 140mph) I would see a drop in oil pressure of 20psi. There was a reason Sunbeam put coolers on the last Tigers. Remember Lemans.

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        Does anyone know if this is the correct 90° OIL FILTER ADAPTER from Ford Motorsports – part number M-6880-A50. It’s the only one I see on their catalog.

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        I use a Fram #2870A filter and a block adaptor running parallel to the oil
        pan. The filter is full length but smaller in diameter. I have stock exhaust and have no problem changing the filter.

        Fred Baum

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          For info on adapters, see the Tigers United article at:

 … apter1.asp

          The number you have is the one I have. You will probably have to find the nipple that threads into the block to clmplete the installation.


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