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      Has anyone used the motorsport oil filter adaptor with headers?I thought I had clearance but when I installed the front end the clearance was gone.
      It looks as a small depression on the header tube may solve this but I don’t think so.I will probably modify an adaptor and use the remote oil filter on the frame.
      Any suggestions would be appreciated
      8) did I mention its sunny again

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        I’ve got that motorsports right angle adapter on my 260 with stock iron headers. The word is that only the headers that have all the tubes coming down BEHIND the motor mount will work with this adapter, and from what I can see this is correct. I just can’t see where there would be space in front of the mount for a header tube plus even the small FL400 size filter.


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        Hi Stu
        Yep.Thats what found out.I did think that as I had moved the engine back somewhat I would have space but alas there was none.Oh for the fact if I had known I could of moved it back 3/8ths of an inch more.
        I do have the iron manifolds on the 351 in the lister so there would be room to use the right angle adaptor.
        Just came back from the hydraulic shop with some fittings so now to play.
        8) hey maybe the sun will shining brighter

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