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      I have been thinking about adding an oil cooler to my MKI Tiger. I see on ebay there is a 13 row cooler for about $60.00 that looks like it might fit. (ebay item #4632855878). My oil filter is located at the block rather than the stock remote unit.

      Has anyone done an oil cooler installation? The ebay cooler has BSP pipe threads. Are these different than our national pipe threads ( NPT)? Could fittings from a Series 5 Alpine be adapted to fit a Tiger? these are just random thoughts that have come into my little brain in the last few nanoseconds.

      My main question on this would be where to hook up the inlet and outlet of the cooler to the oil supply. Obviously, it has to be in the main flow of oil to be effective, and I think there is room in front of the radiator for placement of the unit.

      Any thoughts would be appreciated.

      Fred Baum

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        I have as oil cooler similar to this one on e-Bay… 8051895412 …comes with AN fittings. Mine is fastened in front of the lower part of the rad just under the flat panel that’s behind the bumper. My oil filter is remotely mounted in the left fender well with an oil thermostat on the way to the cooler…all done with stainless braided hose and AN fittings… I can send pics if you like…

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        Pictures would be great. Send them to FHSLOTH3@CS.COM

        Thanks. 😀


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