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      Dan Richardson

      Here are some words to share with you about that “ODD Little Bolt” that is part of the soft top world: I noticed for the first time a few days ago how easily the drain trap under the bronze bracket for the soft top hinge can become clogged causing water to fill up and submerge the “bolt”. My Blue Boy’s Bolt was not in such bad shape back in 2008 when undergoing restoration.

      But several of the parts to the tops I have for my other Alpines are in very bad condition. A friend (David H) called me asking for some replacement bolts he was in need of about a week ago. We discussed the rusty condition and their causes. That is when I searched for and found some of my parts were in need of replacement.

      I was in the shop (CenterLine Eng) today with my friend Larry watching him make a bolt for me. That is when I read the SAOCA Forum POST Mark Davis (Volvo Guys) made asking about a source for the “Odd little bolt.

      My search a few days ago turned up ZERO, so here goes….The first of next week CLEng will be activated to begin fabrication of the bolts.

      Pictured below is a bolt that is hardly, if ever mentioned that I know of. Our Sunbeams have them in a place hardly ever noticed. Yet, if you have a soft top it comes into play each and every time you either raise or lower the top.

      I am having replacement bolts made to duplicate the “originals”. Tentative sell price be around $18 to $20 a pair. The more made, the lesser the price. I have asked for 30 pairs. If interested please let me know ASAP. I will be confirming the quantity for order this coming week.

      If you are interested in purchasing a pair or more please let me know ASAP.

      Pictured is a portion of the soft top in which you will find the “bolt”along with a picture of one rusty bolt. Reference: PARTS LIST Section YX Plate D Item 226. The bolt is part of the hinge assembly

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      Dan Richardson

      Opps ! My pictures did not upload…. I’ll try again.

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