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      It will get near 70 degrees today-but rain is on the way for New Year’s….
      Anyone else going to take one last Sunbeam drive for 2006?

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      My last Sunbeam drive was December 21! The latest ever for me here in New England. Now it is snowing, salt will be on the road soon and it is all over till??
      Happy 2007, and another good Sunbeaming year ahead.

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      God bless Florida. 75 and partly cloudy.

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      It’s 40 degrees here on Long Island and I took mine out for long drives yesterday and today. 😀

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      No salt applied in Central PA yet. I’ll be going out and doing some carb-tuning and driving in my Imp in the morning.

      First drive of 2007

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      Bob and Jean Webb

        the weather here in ohio has been great also ,but my wife won’t let me take any of the cars out until march!

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        Took the car out yesterday to test the new trans. Snow everywhere, people thought i was crazy took it up to our local dyno but was to late to get it dyno’d. Maybe today, trans feels good hope it stays together better than the C-4’s.
        Suppose to have snow today, getting tired of it already.

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