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      Hello from Nashville.
      Recently I found and bought a very nice Tiger replacement for a Alpine SV. I belong to other marge clubs ( Lotus, Jaguar, Miata) but the TETA seems the most organized and technical of the lot. The guys at Sunbeam Specialties know my address from memory.
      Although new to this 65, I have owned 260 engine before and the Alpine. Very few issues to address as the previous owner was meticulous and organized.
      The 20 year old paint was in excellent condition it had begun to lift in a few places so off for a repaint in the original red. A couple of electric issues were addressed ,almost all were bad grounds or wire re- routing. The LAT wheels were in pristine condition but the nearly new tires rub the front wells so I will need to swap out at least the fronts.
      Will likely install a new soft top as we have enough nice weather here that the convertible would see a lot more use.
      One issue is the erratic tachometer. Some time sticks at any position from 0 to what ever? But mostly shows what should be an accurate reading. Not sure if it is the dual point ignition, bad wiring. Will chase that one when it comes back form paint.
      Does anyone have a good instrument shop or a freshly rebuilt original tach?
      Looking forward to a new driving season..anyone passing through Tenn needing a garage or roadside help can reach me at my
      Phil t

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      Welcome Phil!
      I met you at the Sunbeam Invasion in Nashville in 2012-sounds like you got a really nice Tiger. Can you post some photos when you get a chance?
      I am not sure if Tiger Tom still rebuilds tachs but Nisonger instruments rebuilt my speedometer many years ago and it still works great.
      Hope you can make it to the BASH and the United later this year!

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