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        As many of you know cars wheels are getting beigger and its harder to find good "sporting" tyres for our sunbeams. A while back i switched from 13" to 14" wheels on my Alpine and Tiger. Unfortunatly its still hard to find good sporting tyres for 14" you either get cheap tyres or semi race.

        On the Alpine i have been running 175/60/14 Falken Azenis 215’s, a great semi slick. Good traction, reasonable wear, OK (ish) if its damp.. but they are noisy tyres and throw up stones…

        The Tiger has Dunlop Sport SP 195/55/14’s, not an easy size to get and impossible down under. I am now changing tyres and dont want to go for the semi slicks on the Tiger.. I am about to try these.. Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 i hear good things, semi slick compound but quieter and almost as good grip… my set are ordered and im getting the first set in AU… 195/60/14

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