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      Hi –

      Just got a 1966 Mk1A and have about a million questions. Most motor stuff for now as I’m collecting some parts and don’t want to get too far off of what will fit.

      Some introductions I guess… I have the car problem like many I read here on the list. I’m in Southern California, and have a bunch of project cars that never seem to get moving but I have fun working on them. I have always loved the Tiger, I have a 1965 Fastback Mustang, A VSE Replica Cobra, and a RCR GT40 replica. Only the Mustang is a driver (well besides the Tiger!). So it is safe to say I’m a Car-aholic. My kids won’t be going to College as I have been told… ( for pics )

      I have a ton of ‘spare’ parts from my 1965 Mustang fastback (More of a track car). And want to start to get a motor together but not sure of what bits fit. I’ll start off with a couple of simple question 😀

      For the harmonic balancer can the ATI racing style be used and will it clear the steering rack? (I have the flat face style)

      Pulley’s, any aftermarket single slot ones that will work with the tiger?

      Water pump, is it tiger only or from another car, looks a bit different then the standard old ford style?

      Last one for now, Bell Housing, can a regular aluminum SBF housing be used?

      I have an aluminum block Dart SBF and related parts and I think it would make a nice home in ‘Tony’ (My 4 year old thinks it’s the Tony the Tiger car)…

      Thanks for any help!


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      Hi, welcome to world of sunbeam. To your questions the balancer should work if you use the stock Tiger pully, the pullies on the Tigers were from a Ford forklift,hard to find any thing else it will hit the rack. The water pumps are common all but the fan hub will have to be pressed off and turn it over a press it down close to the pump body, so the pully will line up and it needs to be early Ford, like 64 SB stuff. The bellhousing if you have the stock motor will be early Ford 5 bolt, late 65 and up Ford SB is all 6 bolt, see the problem! 8)

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      Thanks for the input. Most seems easy to do to get what I want. I have the 5 bolt bell with the stock 260 now, and will collect a 6 bolt with the new slave bracket. The pump/pulley will be something that I just get from Sunbeam Specialties (I think they have them) and the pump so that might be really easy just cost some $$.

      My goal is to really preserve the entire 260 drive train to the trans and save it for later.

      Thanks again. I’ll get working on learning more about the car, your help is very much appreciated!

      I’ll be asking for some more tips soon 😉


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      Sandy, get in touch with the California Association of Tiger (CAT) Owners Group, they have some members with dedicated race cars that could answer a lot of your questions in depth.

      Congrats , your car selection seems to be top notch!

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