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      I just joined the forum although I have been lurking on several Tiger forums for the past few weeks. A couple of weeks ago I bought a 65 Tiger that has been sitting in a shed for the past 30 years. I have known every owner of this car since it was new and have been trying to talk the last owner out of the car for a long time (I have known him since I was 15). To make a long story short the last owner is now 89 years old and finally decided he wasn’t going to do anything with the car so I am now the lucky caretaker. It has less than 67K original miles, the original drive train with a lot of desirable LAT options. It is now sitting in my garage next to my chopped 35 Ford coupe awaiting some much needed TLC. I’m starting with rebuilding the brakes and working my way up. I’m really looking forward to restoring this car back to its former glory. Still trying to round up the remaining parts that are deeply buried in the former owner’s garage…. I am also a member of the HAMB forum and recently joined the CAT forum. I have found the online communities great places to get valuable info, make online friends, and generally have a good time.

      Here’s a few pictures of the Tiger:

      In its 30 year resting place

      Lots of dust and dirt….

      Rolling it to the trailer

      After a much needed bath

      Pressure Washed (and I polished up one of the wheels)

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      Great barn find. It helps to know where they’re hidden away 😉

      Don’t hesitate to attend the Sunbeam United in Tennessee just to meet up with the hardcore fanatics and find out about parts and restoration techniques.

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      Welcome aboard.
      Nice – Looks like the car is in decent condtion – always a plus!
      Other than the LAT70s, what other tricks is it sporting?
      Good luck, & looking forward to further info, etc.

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      It is basically rust free, never wrecked, original drive train intact with less than 67K miles. I have identified the following LAT options on it: LAT 1, LAT 6, LAT 8, LAT 20 (at least the dual point dist), LAT 70, and LAT 27 (rusty Tri Y headers needing replacement). At one time it had LAT 72 (Motorola Radio) but I have know idea where it is now. I know there is also another hood with a NACA duct, a roll bar, and the original steel wheels and grille bar somewhere but I haven’t been able to dig them out of his garage yet (pretty well buried in stuff).

      So far I have replaced the master cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake hoses etc. Now working on the calipers and will be getting the rotors turned. Will have to replace the clutch hydraulics as well. I have the plugs out of the engine and filled the cylinders with Marvel Mystery Oil. Will fill the crankcase with lightweight oil and let is sit a while before I try to turn the motor over with a wrench. I think it will be OK. I’m hoping to maybe have it out of the garage under its own power in about a year. Will still need cosmetics after that.

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      … now I gotta get a book out and see what all of those #s are :mrgreen:
      Sounds like a real "treasure hunt" looking for the buried parts, hope none go overlooked.

      Good luck getting it on the road. If it is in decent shape, you can drive it like it is – remember, "they are only original once".
      I’ll look forward to some updates later.


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