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      Peter Marsh

        Greetings from the Lower Hudson Valley of New York!

        I have been reading the Tigers East/Alpines East forum for a while now, and recently signed up as an on-line member (but had never actually initiated a post, just replied to an occasional posting by another forum member).

        A bit of background history about myself…

        I have owned a number of Alpines in the past, and have always longed for a Tiger. Although I currently own some other interesting (in my mind) sports and classics (1971 MGB, 1968 AMX, 1969 Corvair Convertible), I still had the Tiger "itch", and so I had been searching on and off for the past few years (mostly thru on-line wanted postings on a popular free classified posting website).

        I had received a number of replies to my Tiger Wanted postings/ads (including the offer of a beautiful black Alpine, delivered to my door, once I electronically transferred funds into someones account – and they would pay back the difference!… reported the scammer to the FBI internet fraud division). However I digress…

        I had recently received a brief (but real) reply to my wanted posting, and after a bit of back and forth in order to get photos and additional information, was able to set up a day to go look at the Tiger.

        That day was yesterday, and although it was over a 4-hour drive from home, I drove upstate prepared, with my truck and trailer (and cash naturally).

        To make my long, drawn-out story a bit shorter, the bottom line? I bought the 1964 Tiger (which has been off the road for a number of years, but still starts right up, runs and drives). Stopping? not so much, as I’ll need to go thru the brakes and rebuild all the hydraulics, etc…

        I’ll register the Tiger on the " THE INTERNATIONAL REGISTRY OF SUNBEAM TIGERS " in a moment, and I look forward to utilizing the knowledge of this forums members to assist me in the upcoming work that I’ll be doing on my new Tiger.



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        Pictures are always appreciated.


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        Welcome to the Tiger side 8)

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        Peter Marsh


          Let’s see if this works (trying to attach a photo).

          Mark – thanks!

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          There is a thread about inserting pictures… you need to use a "3rd party" hosting site.

          Once you get the hang of it, it is pretty simple – copy and paste the link for each picture. Post up if you are still trying and having difficulty.
          I’ve used imageshack and am currently using IMGUR, a lot of folks use photobucket.

          Hope you get it figured out, I’m waiting to see the pix!

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          James Lindner

            As a 1964, your Tiger must have pretty low serial number. My Tiger was produced in June 64 and is #0033, so I would love to hear the details about your recent acquisition and as mentioned see some photos.

            All the Best.


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            Peter Marsh

              Good morning all,

              Thanks for the tip about posting photos – I have not had an opportunity to start an on-line photo hosting account yet, but will as soon as I can.

              In regards to the question about the VIN number, it is titled as a 1964, but according I had forwarded the VIN and JAL info to Mr. Norman Miller, and he advised the following:

              "Hello Peter,

              I’m glad to find out about your car. You’re the first to mention the existence of this machine, so its history will be coming from you. I can tell you it was "Wednesday" car, reported to have been completed on the 10th of February, 1965, but that’s about it. As you get further into the process, it will be interesting to confirm the drive-train numbers (transmission and back axle) so let’s stay in touch. Also, any chance for some pictures?


              I’ll keep folks up to date once I have a chance to post photos, and as I begin to move along with the Tiger project.

              I will need to get a brake booster servo (there was none with the car), but I’ll post that in parts wanted section. Would that be the same servo as an Alpine?


              Peter – aka MarshMountaineers

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              "Very Interesting"… 1964 Title and Feb 1965 build? I wonder what the rest of that story is?

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              Peter Marsh

                Hey Mark (1A),

                Not really sure, but perhaps Mr. Norman Miller could elaborate…

                From his email response to me, I would interpret it as the car was started to be constructed in 1964, but was "reported to have been completed on the 10th of February, 1965"…

                It is my understanding that the Jensen factory took Alpine bodies to convert them and/or modify them to become Tigers… so perhaps the VIN was from the manufacture date of the body, not the "completion" date of the entire car.

                But honestly, I really don’t know.

                Still trying to find a bit of time to log onto a photo-sharing site.

                On a 1964 Sunbeam Tiger related note, I got out my original copy of the official program guide for the "8th Annual, 1964 International Automobile Show, April 4-12, 1964" (which was held at the old New York Coliseum in New York City).

                In it, on the bottom of page 128 the new Sunbeam is featured.

                However, it is not called the Tiger… (I presume at the time that the guide was printed, they had not yet finalized the Tiger name).

                Instead, it is referred to as the "Sunbeam Alpine 260" (U.S.A. Premiere). The car which is shown is a left-hand drive model, appearing to be white (with a white hardtop), with a (English License?) Plate number 3863VC.


                Peter, aka MarshMountaineers

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                Cool stuff about the NY Auto Show Program/Guide 8)
                Hopefully someone with some historical knowledge will chime in with some further info… I always thought that the Tiger (car and name) were "introduced" at that show?
                I am "pretty sure" that the cars were always called "Alpine 260" in Europe(?).


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