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      A new washer bottle and bracket are finally available for the MK2 Sunbeam Tiger! Unlike the earlier Tigers, the MK2 Tiger’s washer bottle is much wider than earlier Tigers and it is unique to the MK2.

      A fellow MK2 owner really needed a washer bottle and the only one he found for sale was an original one that was very expensive. That motivated him to have one of his business contacts use my original washer bottle and bracket as the sample and he then manufactured an excellent reproduction of both. The new washer bottle is made of heavy duty plastic as the original and the mounting bracket is of the same gauge and size as the original. To test these, I fit the new washer bottle into my original bracket and my original washer bottle into the new bracket. Both fit perfectly. The washer bottle works as original too with the foot valve and connecting hose already installed to the new washer bottle cap. The blue Tudor emblem is in 3 places on the bottle. As you can see in the photos, all of the original bottles age poorly and darken over the years. Worse yet, they may crack or even get a hole in the bottom-like my original. You will be happy with the quality of these, I sure am! $495 for the new washer bottle and the mounting bracket. This includes free USPS Priority Mail insured shipping for the USA. Overseas is extra. I also have these for sale on eBay and will have them at the upcoming United. Total price here is much less than on eBay. Please email me for more info. Thank you, Eric

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