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      Fourteen years ago a newsletter was started for people who put V8 engines in MGB cars… Over the years, "The British V8 Newsletter" grew and changed. Gradually, different models of cars and different donor engines have also been added to the scope of the newsletter. For example, our most recent issue featured an Acura Type-R powered Austin Mini. (A table of contents for the current issue can be found here:

      Earlier this year, I took over editorship of "The British V8 Newsletter", and the one BIG change I made was to convert it from a subscription-based printed newsletter to a free online magazine. Our website now features over 300 pages and over 2100 color photos!

      Personally, I think it’s a terrible shame and mistake that we’ve never had any Sunbeams in our newsletter. I want to do something about that! Since Ford V8 engines and GM sixty-degree V6 engines have become thriving parts of the MGB engine conversion scene, there’s more and more in common between MGB engine conversions and Sunbeam engine conversions.

      THE REASON I’M POSTING HERE is to invite you guys to share information and photos with our readers. Frankly, I think we can all learn a little from each other. V6 or V8 converted Alpines are welcome, as are performance-modified Tigers. Here’s a direct link to the Sunbeam gallery:

      Tell me what you think! Better yet, e-mail me and let me know about your cars. My contact information can all be found here:

      If you don’t know where to start in describing your car, this form may be helpful: (Please don’t be shy about extending your remarks about any aspect of your conversion you think might especially help the next guy!)

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      Just added tonight:

      Bob’s Tiger has Weber downdrafts, direct ignition, upgraded brakes, and lots of other very impressive features.

      Check it out!

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      …Bob’s car looks great…and so does the rest of BritishV8 Dot Org…nice job.

      Paul B

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      Thank you Paul!

      Hey, we’ve got another beautiful modified Tiger on the website now. Check out Jerry Porsch’s 1966:

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