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      Hello Folks. Bought 1966 Sunbeam project in March from friend. Supposedly a Mark1 Tiger, but probably a mutt. Rear body half Alpine, but unsure how much Tiger it’s welded to. Sat in his garage untouched and unregistered 23 years except for short drive 4 years ago. He bought at estate sale and got a 1977 dated notarized California title. After inspection and verification by Utah DMV, I received a Utah title and registration. I’ve not started car yet because needs work, systems clean, and further identifying. I’m a bit familiar with Tigers, mechanically inclined, retired and bought as hobby to keep me out of wife’s way, but also out of 7-11! Numbers I’ve gotten so far. Chassis#B9472306,JAL#561847,Trans HEH E, Diff#J64 794,
      Engine#C5AE-6015E (289?) Many photos here: I think. I hope.
      Will check back on follow-up and questions as progress. Max Blair, Utah

      well, I see that link didn’t work. will try again later.

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      Here’s the link to th ehotos: to photos
      there are a lot of things in back indicating an Alpine, the most obvious is the battery box behind passenger seat. If you look closely at middle section on car, there is a weld seam across the transmission hump right between seats. Although this is hard to see in other photos, it actually goes all the way across floor to sills and is slightly visible above and beneath. Obvious dash isn’t regular Tiger. The chassis number is a MarkI number with plate upside down. JAL plate is painted body color, but is attached with rivets. The generator area has the right inside fender indentation area. Radiator, shroud, tank seem Tiger. Has the rack and pinion and other things. As best I can tell from casting number under starter, engine is 289 with I believe the LAT 1848 4 bbl Holley, but manifold isn’t. Just wondering what items you folks see, like door corners, body seams and other things. It came with a bunch of other items including the Quadrajet and Holley 4777 carbs. Thanks. Max

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      welcome aboard, and good luck with the project.
      I’m not very good at identifying specifics (especially in photos), but I have a Lakewood “blowproof” bellhousing that was originally red. They match up to multiple engine and transmission bolt patterns. That might be what I see there?

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