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      An old friend showed up at my house today. In 1988 I sold a modified 65 Tiger it was a car I bought from Andy Hollis in the Baltimore area, at the time it was baby blue with fiberglass flared fenders. When i rebuilt it, I had the flares done with some gremlin front fenders I cut off at a Junkyard and welded on. In 1988 I sold the car because of family obligations. So last week I saw the car on eBay and I won it. From the looks of the receipts it appears that the two other owners have taken car of my car for the past 28 years, My wife seems to like it also. Its good to have it back in the garage (in Florida now((lets see how the cooling system likes that)) and good to see some familiar names in TEAE.
      Gary Holman

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      Welcome back Gary! Sometimes you can go home again….do you have any photos of your Tiger when you sold it and what it looks like now? There are lots of Sunbeams in Florida to hang out with at shows. Come join us at the United in Atlanta this Fall! Eric

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      Cool story… waiting to see the pix :mrgreen:

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      Sorry I seem to be tech disabled, i tried to paste the pictures here and that didn’t work and then I tried the photobucket way. I failed there also

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      Info about uploading photos and files is here
      Thanks to Eric Smyder for this info and for his work taking care of this forum!

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      Last night we started looking through a few shoeboxes of pre internet photos from old TEAE events, hopefully i can find some better photos as the search goes on

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      Ok here it is 2 days ago


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      Add here it is back in 87 when we installed the gremlin flares to the rear and fixed the front ones


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