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      Hello all, I just joined a month or 2 ago but I have had my SV since 2002. I made it to the BASH in my hometown last weekend and had a great time meeting everyone and Merlin Miller. What I have seen so far , all I can say is keep up the GREAT work. I am considering the V6 conversion but I am wondering if there is a good 5 speed trany swap with the orig 1725 engine for better driveability on the highway. Again keep up the great work and I hope to meet more of you in the future.

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      Welcome aboard!

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      Steve, sorry I didn’t get to talk last weekend. Chasing my little guy kept me busier than usual.

      Keeping the 1725 and swapping for an Alpine gearbox with overdrive is the easy way. My S3 with a 1600 engine cruises rather well at highway speeds with OD engaged.
      I believe a T5 transmission is the preferred gearbox for the V6 conversion. I’m sure you spoke to Mr. Sharkey about his V6 setup. "V6 Jose" Rodriguez is a resource as well.
      Here’s a previous thread on the subject that may address some of your concerns.

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      There is a V6 Series V for sale in my area (NH). Too much money for me but you could swap out the V6 with your engine and then sell the SV again. Just an idea. Robert

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      Jim Stone

        There is probably no single better improvement over stock than installing an overdrive transmission, but they are getting increasingly expensive and hard to find. There is a complete SIV OD kit listed for sale right now on the SAOCA site. I think the Speedo will be a little off in your SV and the unit is a non syncro, but you might want to check into it. … post124417

        If you want to keep your stock engine and go with a 5-speed, there is a conversion kit available out of Australia that allows you to install a Toyota transmission. Those who have done this are very happy with the outcome. At least one person has made his own bellhousing by fusing a stock Alpine bellhousing to a Toyota one. The best place to research this is also the SAOCA site. Try Googling "toyota ("5 speed", transmission, tranny)" to get started.

        Have fun.

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