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      Hi all,

      New member that just went into the world of Sunbeam’s two deep! Bought a solid but partially disassembled Alpine for a friend of a friend in TN that’s been a pain to get transported. Still not here after two month,s but is scheduled for delivery the end of October. This was planned to be a project car for my 12 year old son and me. He’s quite the gear head and loves the old stuff.

      While doing web research on Alpines and Tigers, we saw Ford_Crazy’s add for the Tiger project and………….we bought it, drove down to Orlando and got it home yesterday! I’m not quite sure of the order we will go forward till the Alpine shows up, but the Tiger will be the keeper.

      We are very excited and have a lot of work to do, so plan on hearing a lot from us on the board. My first question is if there are any Tiger or Alpine owners around the Pensacola Florida area?


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      Great to hear of someone "younger" interested in the Marque 🙂 Welcome aboard.
      Do you have a copy of the membership roster? That lists all of the members by location (we’re up in NJ near Philly).
      There is a strong contingent of TE/AE folks there in Florida, but not sure if any are out on the panhandle with you(?). I corresponded with a Tiger guy on LinkedIn (not a club member?) recently, I think he is over by Tampa.
      Good luck with everything.

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      I did get a list from the PO and only found one owner near me in Milton. I did meet another owner, David Hambrick, in Pensacola who has two tigers.

      My son and I are very excited about this build and are almost ready with our work shop. The tiger is being media blasted and epoxied this week. The fun starts soon!


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