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      I have always wanted a Tiger. Ever since high shool (many years ago) when I helped my friend’s dad rebuild one. A few years ago my best friend back home found a Tiger in a barn with 55K orginial miles. As soon as I saw that and we went for a ride the hunt was on! I kept my eye on Ebay and quickly found out the going rate for a Tiger was WAY out of my budget. $30K to $65K would get me divorced!!! Anyway, I started looking at other options such as a V-6 modified Alpine. I just felt that $13K was a bit much for me. My wife told me to wait it out and get the car you always wanted. So I figured the only way I could find a less expensive Tiger would be to get the word out to friends and family and hope someone was selling a Tiger. My next thought was to cruise Craigslist to find something before it gets out to the massses. So one day last month I am searching Craigslist in Maryland and I come across a add for a guy that is selling his late dad’s 1966 Sunbeam Tiger with 44k orginal miles that has been sitting in his garage for the last 25 years. So I immedialty send a reply and ask for more infomation on the car. Four days go by and I figured I had missed out. Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be. Then on the fifth day I get a call from the owner and he tells me it’s still for sale and when would I like to see it. I tell him how about now. Thirty minutes later I am at his garage checking out the car of my dreams. I ended up buying the car and now have it in my garage. I am not a major mechanic, but I can turn a wrench. I am weighing my options and what to do next. I have visited a local garage who specializes in British Sports cars (London Auto Sales). If anyone has any other suggestions I am all ears!

      Currently I am just in the process of cleaning the car up with the help of my 16 year old daughter. I was checking out the engine tonight and found on the rear of the Edlebrock intake "Torker 289". Would I have a 289 in this car? I thought all 1966 tigers had a 260.

      Here are the numbers for the car:

      JAL: 660664
      Chassis: B382000621 LRXFE
      Engine #: 5157 F21KA
      Color code: 92

      Any suggestions would be appreciated!
      Looking forward to meeting other Tiger owners in the Northern Virginia area.


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      Welcome Bob! You found a great Tiger and thanks for sharing the story of it’s discovery. Can you post some photos of it as found?
      I am partial to the color too-my car was made about 150 cars after yours and is the same color (Arctic White). There are quite a few club members near you and if you want to make a road trip, we will have 20+Sunbeams here in Columbia, SC on March 31st for our annual gathering.
      As far as your engine goes, the aftermarket intake on your car would fit on a 260, 289, or 302 so it does not mean you have a 289 in your car. It would be hard to tell without taking a few parts off and checking parts numbers and a few measurements.
      Keep us posted on how your Tiger is coming along and when you get it started! Eric

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      Thanks Eric, I will try and post some pictures as I found it. I tried to post pictures last night but had some difficulity. I will have to figure it out.


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      Bob –
      Welcome aboard! There are quite a few TE/AE folks near the "DC Area", the United was there in 2008. That part of MD has an especially knowledgable group including some club officers & board members, etc. Maybe some of them will chime in. Are you a club member? The roster lists everyone by state.
      Our "Forest Green" Mk1a is #688, not too far from your car’s s/n either.
      I "assume" that since you can "turn a wrench" – you’ll be careful with something that has been sitting for 25 years 😀
      Good luck, and hope to meet you soon.

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