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      Hi all:

      I’ve had my Alpine V8 restoration project for around 20 years, but have only recently done much with it. Looking forward to getting lots of good advice on getting my car back on the road. My car is in pieces at the moment, but the mechanical systems are slowly nearing completion. Left to do is finishing the engine, evaluating the rear axle, wiring, fuel system, brakes and cooling system. Then I can get the car on the road and save up for interior and customization.

      If you like to read a lot, I’ve started a blog:

      My recent background includes lots of customization of my 1998 Mustang Cobra, including custom suspension and exhaust work. My hope is that I can bring some of this experience to the table, and apply it to my "Tiger". Long-range plans include custom suspension, possibly a 5-speed, and a few minor body modifications to allow bigger tires.

      I do have one question…Is it possible to get copies of Rootes Review back issues? Or, is there some compilation of technical articles from RR? I see occasional references to these articles, but can’t find them anywhere. I thought I might find this in the forum somewhere, but it has eluded me thus far.

      John Manly.

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      Hi John and welcome! The Carolinas and the SE are the center of Sunbeam activities it seems. There are many of us that go to local and regional events. Don’t miss the upcoming TE/AE United and the Sunbeam Invasion this October in Tenn and they fall on consecutive weekends. If you look at the top of the forum page here you will see a row of folder names-click on Tech Tips to find plenty of repair info gathered over the years. Many years ago the Sunbeam Survivor was printed which was a collection of tech tips and articles. Hopefully another printing of that will take place. One will show up on eBay once in awhile along with back issues of the Rootes Review. Post some photos of your car and let us know if you need any help! Eric

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      Nice blog, John. We’ll be monitoring your progress. It will help you look back and recall all the things you accomplished along the way to final completion.

      The Rootes Reviews are available online in the Members Only section back to most of 2002. Older ones are still archived non-digitally; if you are looking for something specific just ask.

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