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      Hi everyone, My name is Jason. I’m starting to take over my dads project of restoring his 67 Tiger. Its been sitting for about 35 years with the motor and trans out of it. He decided to completely strip the car a about eight years ago and passed away before he could do anything else with it. So now i figured its time to really go after this thing. I know its a 67 tiger and thats all, do not know any of the specifics, like motor or MKI, MKIA or MKII, i was kink of hoping you guys could help with this. I’ll load some pics when i figure that part out.

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      Welcome Jason!
      We have a few club members who live near you. Please post those photos-we always like looking at new projects and there are many folks here who will help answer your questions.
      Sorry about your Dad-I bet he would be happy knowing you are going to finish his car! Eric

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      Tom and Pam Jeffers

        Welcome Jason,

        Looks like you might have a MK1A there, but I will let our more knowledgeable club members help you confirm that.

        As the current President of TEAE I hope to see you at United XXXII in October or at some of the regional events that take place. Plan to come to these events so that you can pick the brains of our members.


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        ok, so after digging a little deeper i figured out why the frame was hacked the way it was. I also found more places that seem to be just butted together with the old torch slag left in place and just bondo covering it. I marked it with white soap stone so you can follow what i’m dealing with. This is the worst patch job i have ever seen, i just hope i can find all of the metal to replace it properly.

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        Gene Sokolowski

          Hello Jason,
          Welcome! I read your question on my ‘returing member’ posting. I answered it there. I see what you are up against with your project. It is not insurmountable. But it will take time and patience. Or, if you happen to win the lottery, someone can do it for you. LOL.
          Please let me know what questions you might have in the future. I am not an expert on the Tiger by any means but I have done a bit of research along the way.
          Good luck.

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