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      Hi New Member atknhbob from Atkinson, NH USA I am a recent new owner of two Sunbeam Alpine V series cars. #1 The Deerfield Special is a 66 Sunbeam Alpine series V (roller project car) that has been sitting in a barn in Deerfield, NH since the early 70`s the last registration was for 1972, expiring in 1973, hence "The Deerfield Special" a solid car with a wrong engine in it ( Hillman Husky series IIIa ) that needs to be re-assembled (the car) that is. #2 Is a 67 Sunbeam Alpine series V running / driving older restoration that I picked up in Indiana off of ebay in July of this year in good condition. My ex-wife used to tell everyone " If it says Made in England Bob will buy it. " My first Rootes Group car was a 1959 Singer Gazelle back in the 70`s, then a Triumph Spitfire in the 80`s (non Rootes of course) a slew of Brit motorcycles BSA`s, Triumph`s and a Norton in the 80`s to today. I still have and ride two Triumph`s and a BSA (project). So my ex-wife was right and that hasn`t changed over the years. So back in May I got the urge to own a British Roadster again, and now I have two, I bought the "Deerfield Special" as a winter project and while searching for parts on ebay for it, I found "The Indiana Special" described by the owner as "Drive it anywhere" so now you know the rest of the story… the adventure continues ! Cheers atknhbob

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      Welcome and thanks for your car’s stories! I have a similar sickness when it comes to anything made in England-I even have a British made outboard motor…..
      There are quite a few club members near you-you just missed the United held last year in Maine. That was fun! Post some photos of your cars when you get a chance and if you have any questions just ask. Eric

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      Thank you for the welcome Eric I appreciate it. A British outboard motor huh, you have me beat there and I completely understand the thought process behind it. I guess I am in the right place here. Bob in NH

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      Welcome to TE/AE! We have several members near you who would be more than happy to help you with any questions, parts needs and stories/advice to help you with British affliction many of us have. Please check our latest Rootes review or membership list via the Clubs website/new membership information to connect you with our New England group of enthusiast.

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