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      New to the Tiger community. I purchased a ’65 MK1 from a long time TE/AE member in FL. And am anxiously awaiting for it to transport. I looked at several Tigers out here in CA. But there was something about this Tiger that drew me in. We don’t have to worry about much rust out here so I was a bit worried about the stories I heard about the east coast cars. It needed a lot of Rust work but I think it will be worth it.

      I joined CAT too and have a lot of support out here as I plan to keep this Tiger stock and bring it back to its glory days.

      Can anyone help me out with a reliable transport from FL. To CA they have used?

      I will post pics as the restro moves along and look to AE/TE for help along the way…

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      Glad to have you on board. If we all get out of our winter slumber, we’ll be awake to answer questions and urge you on in your new Tiger endeavour. Pics please 😉

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      I bought a T-bird in San Jose a few years back, used D.A.S. (e-bay’s shipper) with the "enclosed option" selected for shipment to NJ. Car was pretty dirty when I got it (something like 2 weeks in transit). They did a good job, but that is a "$ low end" car. I suspect that it sat outside at the terminals where it changed trucks(?). The price was very good.
      The Shelby guys also like Intercity Auto transport,Reliable Auto transport, and Horseless Carriage auto transport – they are mostly dealing with "better" cars.
      Good luck.

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