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      This is just like a fresh coat of paint on a Sunbeam-the new forum looks great! Thanks to those who made it happen. Eric

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      quote 65sunbeam:

      fresh coat of paint

      Its more than just looks. Its got a tuneup as well. The whole phpBB system was updated to the bleeding edge release.

      Update your profile by clicking on User Control Panel and see all the user based options!

      • Subscriptions
      • Friends
      • Cool Tiger/Alpine font script buttons I made
      • TEAE paid member benefits
      • Birthday announcements (if you choose)
      • search engine BOTS to get TEAE noticed on the internet
      • improved search engine
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      I just discovered another new feature! Now you can add photos from your PC right to this forum without using a 3rd party photo hosting site like Photobucket.
      Look under the subject block when you are replying to a message or when you are creating a new message and there is a section near the options tab labeled upload attachments-click on the tab, click on browse, find the photo on your PC and then click Add the file.
      Thanks to all for upgrading this forum! Eric


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      Its just a small membership benefit. Glad you like it.

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      The new layout really does look good. Very nice updates which I am sure everyone will appreciate.


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