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      I am sure that we all welcome Sunbeam enthusiasts to this forum, but I have noticed that some people join the forum without any introducing themselves and then seem to expect to get a lot of very detailed info and help. Naturally the forum regulars are initally cautious in their replies, and can be suspicious of their intentions.

      I think it would be helpful if new members were to at least post the first posting to introduce themselves, and maybe their cars too, and why not add a location in their profile. I think they would get a much better response than just diving straight in, or am I just old fashioned?

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      Chris I agree with you 100%. Just a few words of introduction of what car you own, why you bought a Sunbeam , or what ones plans are for a car make all the difference to others on this board. Location and some info in one’s profile make it easier too. Thanks for helping others on this forum Chris! Eric

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