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      New to the forum but hoping to learn more in my search for a Tiger. I reviewed my first Tiger today and have more questions than answers. Would appreciate any help!
      1. VIN plate and JAL tag under hood. I know this Tiger was built ~9/15/66, but is there a place to go to be able to translate all the info on these 2 tags?
      2. Motor. I am somewhat familiar with the Ford 260/289, but pulled some stampings that are a bit confusing. Intake is stamped 5A29 (Jan 29, 1965) which would make sense for this 1966 MK1A, but the stamping near the distributor on block looks like 714T ?? No idea what that means, but assume it was made in 1967??. The owner is going to take a pic of the stamping on the block where starter bolts on and send to me (I couldn’t crawl under and didn’t have a jack).
      In addition, I’m confused why this supposed 260 has a stumpy oil filter and does not have what I thought was a factory oil filter relocation kit.
      3. Door glass to hardtop fitment. With the door windows rolled up, the window overlaps the side of the hardtop by ~.75 inch. This can’t be how they came. Is there an adjustment that can be made?
      Could go on but thanks for listening and hope some folks can enlighten me.

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      Hopefully someone else with more specific knowledge will check in… but a couple of your questions are within what [I think I] know:
      *** I’m pretty sure that “the Book of Norman” has the data regarding the s/n and the JAL#. Sounds like your car is about a month older than our Mk1a (ours is October build according to some friendly folks on the forum here).
      *** The “shorty” oil filter is an adapter screwed into the block in lieu of the leaky hoses and flimsy bracketry from the stock remote filter arrangement… not sure how popular it is today, but it was highly recommended to me in the 80s when we got our car.
      *** There are many, many Tigers sporting a variety of non-original engines, so a different block in a 54 year old car might not be surprising.

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      Thanks for the info! Do you have any fitment issues with door glass and hardtop? I’m amazed that a short oil filter is sufficient to filter oil on a V8, but if that’s what folks are using I guess there are no issues. Appreciate the feedback.

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        the shorty oil filter may not be ideal under extreme conditions, but many Tigers have it. Our car seems all good with it for the last 30 years.
        I was chatting with a grizzled engine builder last week… he thought that it could be a problem with sustained high rpm operation – not likely unless one is racing.
        I don’t have a hardtop, thus can’t answer for that. However, I do seem to recall the rear edge of the door windows overlapping the B-posts on a lot of cars?
        IF you are able to use facebook, that venue does get a lot more traffic vs the forum – as Jim states.
        Good luck figuring it all out.

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      James Lindner


        Might I suggest you post your questions on the TEAE Facebook page and the Sunbeam Tiger FB page. They tend to get more action than our forum. Also easier to post photos.

        Quick question for you…Are the original valve covers still on the engine. If so, there is a sticker one of the valve covers that has the engine number. That number should match the Number on the VIN. That is about as close as you get to matching numbers on a Tiger. You might also see if the casting date (the numbers near the starter) are in line with the the engine group number.

        Has the Tiger you been looking at been TAC’d? That is another major consideration.

        Lots of info for you at Norm Miller’s Website


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        My advice to anyone looking for a particular car is to find someone near you or the car you are looking at that is familiar with that type of car. Unless you are positive as to what makes a Tiger special verses an Alpine, have someone look at the car for you. There are too many holes to fall into and sometimes pathways to disaster can be avoided with a trained eye. Let us know where you are or where a Tiger is so we can help you. I have helped many people whom I did not know with purchasing BOSS 302’s, Shelby’s, and Tigers. Never stole anyone’s deal nor charged for looking. Never hurts to ask for help in my opinion.

        Tell us what you are looking for. Condition, color, stock or modified, price range, etc. Lots of us know of Tigers out there.

        My windows go about .75″ above my hardtop seals. Looks odd, but that’s the way they are on my Tiger.

        Gerhard in WI

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