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      I’m newly registered to the forum, but not new to Sunbeams and TE/AE.

      We bought our 1966 Mk1A Tiger in March 1970 (for $1,500 if my memory is correct!) Back then it was our everyday driver even through PA’s snowy winters. On Friday, June 13th of 1974 it was totaled in an accident. We managed to keep the salvage rights as part of the insurance settlement and a year later with lots of help from Tiger Tom, it was back on the road, although not driven daily anymore.

      The Tiger has been personalized over the years with a custom dash, cruise control, LAT repro hood with ram air, different wheels, paint, carpet, etc.

      We are charter members of TE/AE (#26).

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      Hi, Larry. Glad to see you on the internet. Welcome to the forum.

      Make sure to check out the new and improved TEAE website.

      (Love the custom dash in your Tiger… I didn’t see it properly when we were at your house.)

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        Does your cold air intake pan help the LAT hood flexing and otherwise flapping in the breeze with its extra areas of support?

        I like mine plenty but dislike the bouncing around it does, and do not want to go with hood pins.

        Thanks W. TAC 821

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        I’ve had hood pins since right after the LAT hood was installed for the same reason.
        That was long before the air pan was fabricated, so I can’t say if it would help or not.

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