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      Went to the race at Speedworld AZ and ran a new best. 😀
      1:48 60ft
      1/8 6:14 @ 115
      1/4 9:55 @ 143 8)
      Tgrrrr Bob was there and seen it in person 🙂 great seeing you Bob hope you and Larry had great time even though it was cold 😯

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        These must be the photos to prove it. … 9/sizes/l/
        Sunbeam Tiger

        Gala Norte Latino 23_0268

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        Just returned home from sunny Arizona where I was priveleged to watch Jerry compete in the Arizona’s Fastest Street Cars race with his twin turbo Tiger. After a couple of 10 sec qualifying rounds he won the first round of competition but redlighted in second round by .007 sec. Not wanting to waste the rest of the day he put the car in the lanes for a time-only run and proceeded to lay down a 9.55 at 143 mph run that promptly got him booted from the track.
        This car is impressive and Jerry is a great ambassador for the marque. It was great talking to him and watching his car run.

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        Thanks Bob, glad you made it down and we hook up. I’m glad the car ran like it did and it still has more in it. 😀
        We will get the breather problem fixed before the next time out 😳
        The little Tiger always gets a lot of attention where ever we go and I’m glad to be a ambassador for the marque. It has taken a lot of work to get to where it is at and without the help of friends and sponsers it would never have gotten to this level. Trust me the work it takes to go from the 10’s to the 9’s is not easy. I always said i would stop at the nines but i know it has eights in it but don’t know if the driver does 😆
        Thanks for your support "Sunbeamers" ❗

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        Way to go Jerry! That must be a real blast.
        What will you need to do to keep from getting "thrown out" next time in the nines? 😉

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        If I want to keep going into the 9’s I will have to cage the car and also get a license and a bunch of other stuff. So for now we will turn the boost down to about 4-5lbs and it should go bottom 10’s and stay together 😉

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