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      Just in the process of getting Tiger #3 of my life. Had my first during HS in the mid 80’s. I’m in the Pittsburgh area now. If any of you guys are close by, drop me a note.

      I’m buying an all original ’66 Mk1A that has been in a garage (dry but not super clean) since 1969 with 36K miles on it. I found it by luck on Facebook. The owner was a HS friend’s father. He mentioned it is a post and I inquired. He was willing to sell and, voila here I am.

      I’m not a concours original guy though. I think bone stock Tigers are nerdy looking. I only plan to do bolt on and reversible upgrades. If I had an unlimited budget, I would be buying a Dale’s front suspension, etc. I plan to keep all of the original stuff in the event I sell and the next guy wants original. Saving everything would also create resale value.

      Looking forward to sharing with you guys.

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      Welcome Pitt (name?)!
      You will find there are quite a few TE/AE members in PA and many gatherings at various shows. How about posting some photos of your Tiger-we love as found photos! Original Tigers and especially unrestored ones are really thin on the ground. With such low miles and if yours is really original it will get plenty of attention. You will be close to Dayton, Ohio where next summer’s United will be held-stay tuned for more info about that…..hope to meet you and see your Tiger there!

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      Welcome aboard – and back to Sunbeam ownership.
      "x 2" on pretty much everything that Eric said ^^^
      Hope to meet you somewhere soon.

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      Here are pics of it. It had a Vo Tech paint job done in 1968 by a guy who was going to buy it from who I am buying it from. I guess he took delivery but not full ownership. I don’t know the full story. Anyway, that kind of sucks because it apparently had no body damage and only had stone chip type flaws according to the owner. So it looks like they primered the trunk area and filled in the letters on the trunk lid. Everything else is pretty much as it left the showroom in 1966. I’m not a fan of MkII headlight bezels either. They will get sold. It’s not pictured but there is the correct AC air cleaner too. The horn ring, rear view mirror and hood pull handle are broken. This stuff could have happened from kids/grandkids playing in it over the last 45 years. All in all, a pretty neat find.

      Lance … My%20Tiger

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      Thanks for the photos Lance! Nice solid and original Tiger you bought and it will be nice to see more photos of it when you get it all cleaned up. I like white Tigers.

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      Thanks for the update, good luck, and please post more as you progress.
      ^^^ Eric has a white Tiger, in case you couldn’t tell 🙄


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      Gene Sokolowski

        Welcome Lance,
        I am about 45 minutes or so out of Pittsburgh near Connellsville.
        I have been trying to get my 65 Tiger together since 2010 (when it was finally in new paint). Have had many many false starts (due to life’s challenges in the way). My new target for getting it on the road is sometime next year.
        Hope to meet you sometime and see your car.
        Private message me if you would like my email and cell number

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