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      Its for sale on ebay again… for my mind this is even betterlooking than a harrington, nicer profile at the rear.. what do you guys think? 😈 … RK:MEWA:IT

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      I think it is a pretty cool ride they did a heck of a job on it from what you can see in the pictures.

      Got the lines right.

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      In my opinion, it is a LOT better looking than the Harringtons. Very much like an Aston Martin DB-4 or DB-5 except the Alpine headlights are better.

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      At one time there was an aftermarket fiberglass hardtop available that looked similar to this. The trunk lid had to be removed and this top could then be mounted to your Sunbeam. I have only seen one in person on a car in Atlanta-a long time ago. I have also seen period magazine ads showing this top-I would love to have one! Anyone else seen one or have photos of a car with one on it? Eric

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      Mike Schreiner

      Eric, I have a copy of original ad for that top in my computer…I don’t know how to aTTACH IT HERE, BUT WILL EMAIL IT TO YOU…..would love to find one…there was one on an Alpine for sale on ebay a while back..Mike

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